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30 December 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Yes, I've decided not to move after all. Because I've found a suitable layout for my livejournal (yeyyy!); the layout I made last year I believe so. I forget.

You see I'm kind of having trouble with the new livejournal, and whenever I want to change back into the old one I just can't! So it's reeeally hard so I'm really sorry if I made you depressed or anything because I left. But now I'm back so I'm hoping we'll have lots of fun together. Toodles :D.

Also, I might not be updating livejournal for a while when Winter Vacation ends once again. My parents say I really need to start getting some work done if I want to go to University and I want to so... I hope you understand.

Thank you!

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12 July 2007 @ 09:59 am
Well, this is my very first entry in livejournal. I hope I get a warm welcome and hi to all of you out there! (waves)

I also made a few icons.

Enjoy! =D

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